My daughter had been a bit gloomy for the past couple of days. Typical fourteen year old drama learning how to manage relationships over texting instead of real conversations. So to get her out of her funk, I suggested we see a “girls only” movie on a summer Saturday afternoon.

A good friend joined us at the Steelstacks Cinemas for a screening of Paris Can Wait. I was totally in the mood for a foodie movie. And I got just what I wanted. But the producers really would have made magic by supplying samples of the wine… I left the theater wanting to eat crusty bread and fancy goat cheese with a rich merlot.

The movie runs a little short; just over 90 minutes. But if it were any longer, it would have felt too long. Diane Lane is simply delightful. She has very acrobatic eyebrows. And I really. REALLY loved the beige pants she wore in the beginning of the film. Good thing my friend is a costumer. She was able to tell me how they were constructed, so I can try to find them. Of course, Ms. Lane is in great shape too, which always makes pants look fabulous. I’m not the only one looking for those linen pants. Check out this blog I found. And then this other one. I think this movie will be more about those pants than the food, the wine, the locations or… wait. Was Alec Baldwin in it?

While the story was simple, the scenery and message were what I wanted. It was a lovely trip to France, with a message of appreciating the surroundings and the simplicity of what nature already provides. Nice movie by Mrs. Coppola; Sophia’s mom. Her husband? Yeah, that guy.

If you care to read a better review of the film, the Los Angeles Times was nice. On average, the movie isn’t getting rave reviews by the critics. But I can tell you that women in their 50s are going to be thinking of how fabulous Diane Lane looked in this film; defying expectations for “mature” Hollywood actresses. Wait. I’m the same age as she… I’m mature?!?!?! (ick)

I don’t think I would have enjoyed the movie as much in the other multiplex theaters around. I love seeing movies at ArtsQuest. They’ve always got a few good choices. The comfy chairs, the clean floors and the potential to enjoy an adult beverage and the $8 ticket, no matter the time of day – will always keep the Banko Alehouse Cinemas my favorite venue to take in a movie.

95 of 100


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