There’s a group of people making a documentary film about the Bethlehem art scene. The project started last summer with the support of a Mellon Foundation grant through Lehigh’s Digital Humanities program. The production team is interviewing dozens of people in our community who have built the current cultural scene that has helped the local economy recover after the fall of Bethlehem Steel.

What we see today is because of the perseverance of people who were determined to make something special. Now they want to make that special thing last.

As I say to my students, having assets in a community is great. The quality of the assets are what define the quality of the place we call home. Assets are parks, independent businesses, concert venues, diverse dining, art galleries, coffee shops that sell locally roasted beans….  those tangible things that shape the character of a community.

But assets are not just the things; they are the results of creative and contributing citizens. But if we all don’t take and share the care and support of the assets, especially the people, they go away.

This film is about supporting the people who are the voice of our community’s culture, history, art, music and personality. This film is about giving respect to, and taking care of the people who define the Bethlehem arts scene.

Here is a direct link to the Kickstarter page so you can see updates on the project make a contribution. This crowdfunding effort has less than three more weeks to reach its goal. I hope you’ll consider giving your support to the people in our community that are true treasures to behold.

93 of 100


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