What I’m Eating – June 16

We saw the pop up tent too late two weeks ago, and thought we’d missed a culinary adventure. On a return to the Southside tonight for our kids’ culminating presentation at their Teen Ensemble program with Touchstone Theatre, they were back!

I know I’m getting ahead of myself. But when I see a poutine truck, I’m giddy as a school girl. My first taste of poutine was on our first family trip to Canada. It’s a simple, three ingredient dish that is perfect for a late-night-post-drinking-binge to soak up the evenings’ indulgences. Or a great afternoon-post-swimming-in-the-lake-all-day treat. Fresh cut French fried potatoes, beef gravy, and cheese curds.

Enter, a new to the Lehigh Valley food truck called “The Flying V.” The Bonn Brewery hosts them in the parking lot behind their establishment on Friday nights during the summer. You may not see it if you drive by the Bonn on Taylor Street. Since Morton street is a one way, better to get to this popup by taking 3rd street to Fillmore, turn south, then turn right onto Morton and find street parking nearby.

They’ve got their menu on chalkboards, and on table top menus inside the brewery. So many options of toppings, and a vegetarian option of a mushroom gravy. But true carnivores will appreciate their gravy made with a combination of beef bones, lamb shanks and chicken bones. Sure they could make a gravy with just beef, but these guys are purists – God bless their hearts!

Talking to the owners Matt and Christy, she’s a bonafide Canadian. Their popup can be found at local brew pubs around the Lehigh Valley. They post their location schedule on their Facebook page. So do what their sign says, and #JoinTheFlock by liking them on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re not close to Southside on Fridays, they’re at a handful of breweries around the LV. So worth the adventure of finding where they are.

So what’s peameal bacon? This is something you have to taste to really understand. It’s trimmed very lean, and smoked. You may think it’s “Canadian Bacon” and you’d be right. But it’s not that chewy slice of tasteless waste that you find in a drive through breakfast sandwich. Real peameal bacon adds a delicious smokiness to poutine.

We opted to have not toppings on our first try with this business in order to taste their gravy and test their cheese curds. Their gravy is rich and not over salted. The cheese curds are fresh and squeaky, and not over-melted so as to enjoy the most of the squeak. Did I already mention the fries are fresh cut?

Between the two of us, we had just enough time to enjoy a pint of Opus (American Amber Ale) and split a regular sized poutine. We were drooling like Homer Simpson and wishing we could enjoy one more pint. But the show starts on time, and we wouldn’t want to miss watching what those nutty kids.

As we were getting up to leave, I saw a stack of the Bethlehem Fig summer issues; released last Tuesday. Oh, and if you should happen to find a familiar face; it isn’t mine.

87 of 100


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