I now have more time in the next six days than I would have had if I went to the reunion in Wisconsin. To fight the creeping feelings of regret, I’m going to make this weekend as purposeful as possible.

I’m going to take some time for self-care of the motherly kind. I’ll hack away at some built up reading and getting to inbox zero. And I’m going to investigate a few projects…

I’ve recently discovered an eBook that reviews task management techniques. It’s seems a good time to review how I can plan for work projects and my own business goals. I also found (yet) another planner that looks really interesting. It’s a combination of features I liked from three separate systems, and flexibility to move pages around. Of course I can’t recall the dang planner company, or the title of the eBook. I printed them out and left them in a bag that is not sitting right next to me. Otherwise, I’d share them.

Maybe. If I’m feeling generous, I’ll come back to the post and update this paragraph. Maybe. I’m on vacation, you know.

What I have time for now will not be wasted binge watching TV. Perhaps I’ll use this time to establish a morning routine that sticks. I figured since I’m nearly done with the 100 posts in 100 days challenge, I actually might stick to a new habit.

All of the “maximize productivity” articles I find suggest that you do that important thing in the morning before breakfast. But what if I want to exercise, do yoga, meditate, free write, practice bassoon, and walk the dog? That’s at least three hours of stuff. And if I want to do that before daily mass? I love Jesus, but I don’t think starting my day at 3:30am will set me up for success.

Yet, this is what is in my head every morning. If I miss any of these activities, I’m starting the day a failure. But if I get to mass – it’s amazing how much that makes me feel good about how I started the day. I just wish I could feel satisfied with the options of what I could do, instead of kicking myself for what I should do. And who’s standards are these anyway???

I guess this means that I’m either on my way to creating a routine, or creating a monster.

85 of 100


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