What I’m Researching – June 10

The first time I went to the doctor to find out why I was seeing double, my GP sent me to a neurologist. In 2010, the initial tests were for neurological disorders. I knew from the beginning, I wasn’t experiencing MS symptoms; and I was a little mad that we weren’t looking at less invasive tests before we went down the path of medieval spinal taps. (No thank you)

So I let it go for two years, until my work was severely challenged. I was driving many miles back and forth to Harrisburg for a fellowship in educational leadership. While the road became familiar, double vision isn’t fun in construction zones. So back to the doctor. This time, my husband suggested I see an ophthalmologist. He has to see one regularly for his MS.

Besides a pretty snarky bedside manner, I liked this guy. He diagnosed me with strabismus and gave me a prism clip to attach to my glasses to see if that would pull my eye back into alignment. It looked a little steampunk. I only clipped it on when I was alone in my office or in rehearsals. As much as I’ve been trained to keep looking at the conductor, I only want to see one of them.

In the last four years, I’ve had to increase the prism of my prescription three times. Each time, keeping with the same frames because my script is pretty pricey. I found out this week, that there’s no more prism increase for my shifting eyes. Surgery is the next step.

The procedure is common. Once he sees the condition of the muscles that are supposed to hold my eye in balance with the other eye, he would decide whether to weaken one muscle, or tighten the other. It would mean a week of recovery, and my eye will hurt, be bloody, and probably look like I was in a fight. Or worse, if the surgery goes wrong, I could end up looking like Marty Feldman. Which may be a blessing in disguise if I want to change careers and become a comic…

I thought the migraines were from weather changes. Turns out, I read more when it’s raining out. I also wear out my eyes with reed making, computer work, and writing. The reason I feel so much better when I cook is that it gives my eyes a break from close-up examination.

Next step is to determine the out of pocket expense. And how where I can find sparkles to bedazzle my eye patch! See gallery for some ideas I’ve found so far…

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4 thoughts on “What I’m Researching – June 10

  1. Good luck, Silagh! It all sounds a little scary, but since the procedure is common, it must be very boring for the doctor, which is how all surgeries should be. 🙂 I’m sure that once you’ve healed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do the procedure before. Keep us posted.

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