I’ve had the good fortune of seeing the latest block buster, “Wonder Woman” with Gal Godot. In the movie, Robin Wright plays an Amazon general; tough as nails and gorgeous in her strength. I also finished season 5 of House of Cards in which Ms. Wright again presents her resilience and power. Anyone who’s watched it all knows the last two words of the season. Talk about nailing it!

These characters are in my mind as I think about the triad; Maiden, Mother, Crone (or Wise Woman). The crone is not wrinkled, weak or shrunken. She is full of experience and knowledge from having been there and done all that.


I’ve seen incredibly strong women in my lifetime; women who possess such knowledge of things. There are times I feel I’m on my way to this status when I know how to comfort one of my kids, or give them advise they actually heed. I know how to throw ingredients together to make a meal, I know how to pretreat a stain. I know the cause of the smell in a room.

I’ve got lots of academic knowledge. And artistic knowledge. And I’m pretty savvy with the educator networking and community building.

I want to acquire more knowledge. Not the kind from books, but from watching people. I want to be able to learn from the women I work with; to learn how to support an arts organization with strength and confidence over the long haul of annual campaigns, donor cultivation and relationships with foundations. I’m in the right place for this knowledge. What’s even more remarkable, is that I’ve finally found the arts leader mentor I’d been seeking. She’s such a wise woman.

And I couldn’t be more thrilled with every new lesson I take.

80 of 100


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