What I’m Researching – June 8

If one can define research as “looking for something,” then this title category applies to the post. I’ve been looking for mementos as I get ready to attend my [deep breath] 30th college reunion. I found a few items. I have yet to search for old photos.

thirty. years.
No! It can’t be. Just yesterday, I was hanging out in the conservatory lobby on the orange rounded back chairs for my friends to finish jazz band rehearsal so we could eat at Downer Hall together.

What? Downer isn’t the dining hall any more? There’s a new one? With a coffee bar? Wait. Mocha isn’t powdered hot chocolate mix with Folgers coffee? And there’s a new recreation center. And extra practice rooms. I sure hope the students realize how good they have it.

Back in my day…. (we didn’t wear shoes…)

I attended the 25th reunion. That visit was a significant reflection of how Lawrence University really shaped not only my career, but my life. This time I think it will be a little less intensive; and a great time to reconnect with my classmates.

As I spend a few days near the might Fox River, I’ll be walking familiar paths while I hear of other lives. I’ll have plenty of time for reflection as I’m driving from Bethlehem to Appleton via Chicago and Kenosha.

I suppose I’ll put some more research into my playlists and audio books for the ride. I’ll also have the pleasure of time along the Lake Michigan shore; maybe even a sunrise.

79 of 100


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