When the world needs leadership that recognizes the importance of changing human behaviors to save our planet, and we cannot rely on those in power, we have the power to change ourselves.
We can’t point fingers at others unless we are willing to make changes in our own lives.

I started changing my daily routine that can help reduce my personal carbon footprint by biking to work. There were things I had to think through to make this a more substantial change, and not a one week and check it off my list of do-gooder deeds. There will be other benefits to this change: saving money on gas, adding more exercise to my day, reduce downtown parking crowding, adding a few extra minutes in my commute to decompress work before I get home…

Since I started riding my bike to work three weeks ago, I’ve saved more than 70 miles than I would have otherwise used a car. It’s not much, but it’s a start. Want to really understand how the community can be more bike friendly? Start riding a bike and dealing with asshole drivers. Maybe then you’ll start seeing your own driving habits differently.

Many of us have been thinking globally today. I encourage the readers to act locally. Think about small changes you can make. If you have already made some changes, think about more changes. I have a long way to go. This is not a time for self shaming. It’s a time for reclaiming.

One way to act locally is to read or re-read Councilman Willie J. Reynold’s #Bethlehem2017 proposal. Don’t just skim the website. Download the proposal and read it. (psst – don’t print it out either. Save a tree.)

His first point is a Climate Action Plan. “Action” meaning, movement, change, direction. Not doing what we (collectively) have always done and wonder why nothing has changed.

We; the ubiquitous we, can no longer deny our personal responsibility to change our own behaviors. Finger pointing if only to someone else is just as bad as putting our head in the sand. Redirect your finger to yourself.

What are you going to do about climate change?

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