Another artist of my formative years passes, Gregg Allman. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Allman Brothers, but we do have “Eat a Peach” in our vinyl collection. We have a a friend sleepover going on, otherwise we’d be playing this now. I’ll pull it on tomorrow morning while peeling Sunday morning breakfast potatoes.

The social media scroll today was filled with tributes. One of my friends, who happens to be a fellow cheese head in addition to being a 20 year veteran of the Lehigh Valley music scene posted a picture of an altar and this reflection:

The Allmans just happened to be in town. One of the craziest concert experiences of my life ensued…they came out for the 2nd set and played in such a way that, stone cold sober as I was, they created some sort of frequencies, vibes, what-have-you, that I absolutely thought I was tripping…they literally were able to change the room through their music and take you to some completely different realm.

This got me thinking about the times I’ve found myself in this state. A higher lever of consciousness that you can’t look for, you just find yourself in it.

What are the conditions that encourage this mental state? Is it comfort? Hunger? Booze? Exhaustion? Deep knowledge? Variable of all the above?

If one were to ask me when I’ve been in this state myself, I can flash back to all of the details of the moment. My soul craves this place. Can you recall a time where you found yourself in this place?

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