What I’m Eating – May 23

After yesterday’s heavy post, and the news from Manchester, I need to take a lighter reflection today. The lightness and the simplicity will give me a moment to focus on the good things in front of me.

Nothing makes me more grateful than the taste of food that I prepare in my own kitchen. From therapeutic vegetable chopping to meticulous measuring for a complicated cake, being able to make a dish from scratch is something that I really love to do and to share.

The weekly menus are usually adapted near the middle of the week when spontaneous changes to the schedule happen. Or somebody accidentally eats a key ingredient. Or there might be an item I tucked away in the cupboard, only to rediscover it weeks later completely unconnected to a plan. And now I have to figure out what to make with it.

It’s kind of like an episode of Chopped, but without having to deconstruct a Twinkie™.

Two ingredients I discovered in my kitchen this week, P’tit Basque and crystallized ginger. The first item is a sheep’s milk cheese from France. A mild flavor that pairs really well with Fuji apples (my favorite variety this month) and a piece of crusty bread. It’s the traditional Ploughman’s lunch that pack easily into my bike pack for a day at the office. I’d like to learn how to make my own pickles to add some flavor to the lunch. Might be a good experiment when the CSA cucumbers arrive in force. I have no idea why I bought this cheese.

The crystallized ginger was bought for a recipe, but I’ll be darned if I can remember what I was thinking. On it’s own, I could mix it with my daily ration of mid-day trail mix (unsalted roasted almonds, dried pineapple, banana chips and raisins). But this has a really strong bite after two pieces.

Pardon me while I search on a recipe website for a clue…

Found it! Ginger-Peach Jam. Last summer I was looking for more ideas for the peach bounty of the CSA. There are only so many peach pies my family will eat. I’ve yet to try making jam at home. This is definitely the summer for this adventure.

Thinking about food, learning new techniques are my jam! (pardon the pun)

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