What I’m Thinking – May 20

[The clock has struct midnight. It’s actually May 21. But I’ve been in motion most of the day, so it’s the first time to the blog for this numbered post.]

Today, my thoughts have turned back to the local arts community. This morning’s performance at the Bach Festival was the second performance of the collaboration between the Bach Choir and Mock Turtle Marionette. The telling of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Nightingale” was full of local artists’ signatures. Not only were the artists local; but the script, the puppets and the collaboration all happened in Bethlehem. Kinda neat – and the source of great local pride.

This afternoon was the second performance of the Bach B minor mass. What’s incredible about this annual event is the people who come to hear it. Their stories of how they came to this performance with their grandparents, or seeing young people coming with their parents… it’s such an honor to see this tradition being celebrated with high musical standards and dedicated listeners.

Tonight’s performance at the Zimmerman Coffee House was a celebration of the next generation of musicians. The artists are college students who have incredible love for this music. To witness a community celebrate the beginning of an artist’s life commitment to performance is a gift.

The afterglow to this artistic day was getting to see another local improv concept comedy show. I laughed so hard tonight, I couldn’t breathe. I will never look at an exclamation point the same way again. The community that is being built at ArtsQuest is another local asset.

I’ve been reading a draft of a local visionary’s biography. The first part is a pretty detailed history of Bethlehem. I’m not sure if what I’m reading will end up in the final version of the book, but it’s definitely impacting the arts I’m experiencing today.

From 110 year old tradition, to emerging new arts communities, I’m thinking that the arts environment here is pretty darned awesome.

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