What I’m Watching – May 19

Friends and family who follow my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have already seen a few of the photos… But I have to take a moment here to freeze this time in their lives. I’ve been watching them grow, and know that who they are becoming is because they have so many good people in their lives. Teachers, friends with good families, and many experiences to give them a chance to find out more of the world and what they want to do with their time on it.

Tonight was the 8th grade formal farewell dance at the kids’ middle school. Each of them had “dates.” But they still went with a crew of friends from their school’s music program. It was a moment many parents freak out over: our babies are growing up.

This picture was taken in 2005. Grandma was visiting. We were about to take an adventure to Columcille.

This picture was taken tonight, before they met up with their friends.

Here they are with their dates:

Last night, our kids were honored with a few awards for their work in orchestra and chorus. These were quite a surprise for us. Their class has so many incredibly talented students. I’m thankful for teachers who encourage hard work and keep their standards high.

Last night I was catching my thoughts before they oozed out of my mouth. But my daughter knew what I was thinking already,
“Mom, I know this doesn’t mean we can stop practicing.”

They still have to clean their rooms, feed the pets, and do their homework. Thanks to a friend who is giving him a chance, tomorrow he starts a possible new job. He’s got to pass a test first to see if he can handle it. She’s got to figure out how she might make extra money this summer, too.

I’m watching these wonder twins grow into pretty incredible people.

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One thought on “What I’m Watching – May 19

  1. Knowing you I should have realized how smart these kids would be, and so talented, even back when we were rocking them trying to keep them both quiet at the same time.😘

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