What I’m Creating -May 17

Many families with kids while working through the summer months have to figure out child care, or other summer programs. Since ours were in kindergarten, they’ve experienced numerous camps, and had many, many babysitters.

As they leave middle school, their summer will be much their own to construct their days. They’ll do one camp, the Teen Ensemble at Touchstone Theatre. The rest of the summer will have drum lessons, harp lessons, maybe a few violin or cello lessons, a ballet class, and a chore chart. Oh, that chore chart will be the thing that will cause a few battles. They are old enough to contribute to the household.

I’m hoping they’ll challenge me with a reading goal. Maybe a weekly exercise goal. Might we do regular trips to the municipal pool? Might they find other friends in similar non-overly structured summers? How much freedom are we talking about?

I’m trying to give them a summer to figure out how to use their time toward their goals. I hope they get bored enough to find motivation. We’ll see what happens by July 4th holiday.

I’m not really creating their summer schedule. I’m creating space so they can figure out what they really want to do if given the space to do it. Let the grand parenting experiment continue…

57 of 100 written on iPad for more blogging experimentation.


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