What I’m Researching – May 16

The research into the “bike to work week” continues. Yesterday, I realized that adding more alternative transportation takes some conscious effort. It’s not just knowing the calmer route, or what to wear, and how to pack my stuff. It’s also knowing how to fit in the “car errands” in a logical route to shorten the miles.

I started Monday driving my daughter to school. Next stop was the storage area to store the art supplies from the weekend festival, then over to Wegmans for the weekly groceries. Got home to unload and then switch to the bike to get to work.

Will I ever get to a point where I can do the family grocery shopping on a bicycle? I doubt it. The more direct path between my home and the regular grocery store means riding on Center street from Dewberry to Hanover Township. While there is a shoulder, the cars and trucks go 40-45 miles per hour.

Here’s a bit of the route. (Thanks to a borrowed Polaroid Cube camera mounted on my helmet) While I turned off Center Street to vote today, at the beginning of the video, you’ll see what I mean:

Today, the kids walked home from school. But I drove to band practice tonight. There’s one of our band members who rides his bike. I just can’t think of how I’d manage it with my instrument and riding home at night.

I’m also really, really tired. My daughter thinks my exhaustion is because the riding is more exercise than I’ve had in months. I hope she’s right. I hope that in a couple of weeks I’m going to feel energized instead of drained.

It’s only Tuesday.

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