What I’m Researching – May 12

I’ve been experimenting with adding exercise into my day by either walking or biking to work. Since I have a flexible work schedule, I can afford to take my time figuring out which option works better for me.

Wednesday, I finally figured out that I can bring the kids to school, bring the car back home, then go to work. Since I only work 5 hours a day at the office, I still have time to get home for the kids’ after school shuttling.

Here are my options for car-less commutes to work:

  1. Walking. 45-50 minutes one way. Maybe as I walk more, this time might shorten. This options is great for days I want to take my time and enjoy an audio book to work. Might not be so nice when the temps get hotter. But then again, I can bring some basic toiletries to my office to freshen up.
  2. Bus. The most direct route is walking a mile to the stop by Liberty High School. The route swings by once an hour, so I’ll have to time the walk right. Same for coming home. It leave the central terminal downtown once an hour. I haven’t experimented with the bus route, so I’m not sure how much time it will really take.
  3. Bicycle. It takes just as long to ride my bike to work as it does to drive. That’s because it’s mostly downhill going to the office. It takes a little longer coming home. I think I’ve found the route with the most moderate hills.

I rode my bike to work yesterday, and had the gears fall apart on the way in. A friend who happens to be a huge bike advocate read my tweet for help and swooped in to save the ride home. He also happens to be a lawyer for people who have been injured in bike accidents. As a former bike cop, he knows a thing or two about safe riding, and unaware drivers. He also works with the Lehigh Valley Coalition for Appropriate Transportation (C.A.T.)The shop was open during the lunch hour, so he brought my bike there for repair. It’s a good thing he did! My gears were shot. He also inflated my tires to the right pressure; so my coasting had less friction; way better for hills, too. The ride home was much safer. Jason Schiffer is a great guy. I hope you never end up in a situation where you need his expertise in a bike accident. But he’s definitely a good guy in our community – and one who wants to see more of us riding our bikes, and making the Lehigh Valley more friendly toward alternative forms of transportation.

Next week is national ride your bike to work week. C.A.T. has a friendly competition for people to register and log miles for the week. They also have a few community events planned. I’m hoping to get to one, if I can work my schedule out.

My noble steed is in the best shape it can be. That isn’t too shabby for a nearly 25 year old bike. This bike was my wedding present from Steve. We’ve had lots of miles together. I have a rack trunk bag that has expandable saddles. It even has it’s own jacket for misty weather. I should get a rear view mirror and a whistle. I have to be more aware of the driver’s on the road. Can’t assume they know the bike laws, or that I’m even there.

I’m lucky I work in an office with a relaxed dress code. Today’s ride was in a T-shirt dress and leggings. I think the orange Chucks and the helmet really made the outfit. Thinking about getting a jacket with safety orange stripes. Or something with a little more “HEY I’M HERE” visibility. I have something else I can wear until I can make that investment. Maybe I’ll get a picture of that up in another post.

One more bonus from riding to work? I’m not too tired to walk my dog when I get home. I think Buddy likes it that I ride, too.

So now that this old lady is figuring out how to take alternative transportation to work, who’s going to join me in the challenge?

52 of 100


2 thoughts on “What I’m Researching – May 12

  1. Hi Silah! This is wonderful – I’m planing to do the same next week. Im coming from Allentown, are you?
    Im still trying to figure out the route….

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