What I’m Creating – May 10

Mid-way through the daily blogging challenge, it feels like the habit is nearly formed. There have been a couple of posts written after a long day, and no planned topics. But there hasn’t been a day where I’ve not written; even if the publishing time code says “next day.”

It feels good to stick to the goal, even if I’m not always happy with the writing. I’m also following stats of posts, just to observe. There will be a time when those stats will be used more for growth analysis. But that is not now. I’m only in this for the writing challenge.

If readers are thinking about forming a habit for good, no time like now to start.

And now that the half way point is reached, it’s time to layer a new challenge to the daily routine. In the past, I’ve felt better when I regularly exercise. But something happens, and discipline disappears. It’s the same lesson each time I get back on track; hard to start, great after two sustained weeks.

I started walking to work. It’s about 2.3 miles between my home and office. The walk was pleasant. I wore a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face. I had an audiobook to keep me entertained, and found some quiet alleys to cut through the city blocks. The walk home was another story. It wasn’t hot, but I peeled off layers as I went. The end of the walk was slower, and my knees started to feel it. I even bonked a bit when I got home. I know tomorrow will be harder on the knees, so I’ll bike to work instead. Buddy will appreciate the walk when I come home tomorrow ready for his needs instead of passing out on the couch. The plan is to walk to work again Friday. And see how many more times I can get the 5 miles into each day.

Wrapping exercise into the day is key for me. I’m not a fan of extra showers. I prefer functional exercise; walking or biking to work, gardening, housework, dancing. Warmer days are on the way. I have the opportunity to work in exercise with enough consecutive days to make it a habit over the next three months.

I know I have the discipline when I focus on what I want most, rather than what I want in the moment.

50 of 100


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