What I’m Watching – May 8

Many of the gems I’ve discovered in the Lehigh Valley, were because of my kids. We encourage them to get involved in things. They learn new ideas, meet new people, and then commit to performances that mean a crazy evening schedule on a Monday night.

And the crazy is totally worth it when you see your 14 year old son dressed in a Ramones T-shirt and rockin’ out on David Bowie’s “Star Man” and White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” Thanks to the amazing capacity of these awesome people, I can show you the video of his performance. Scrub to 7:00, if you want to skip the intro.


Tonight’s show is part of a series called “Rock Youth.” It’s an opportunity for young musicians to get up on stage and work out the kinks of performing in front of a live audience (in person, and virtual) and to give them the space to figure it out.

“… giving tomorrow’s generation of musicians complete control over their stage experience and offering the stage, a radio station, and a professional musician’s vision to help them on their way.”

I adapted that quote. Perhaps if you’re just as curious about the project as I am, read the producer’s full vision statement for Rock Youth. (Readers may need to sign onto Facebook to access this note)

Rocking the Lehigh Valley started three years ago by a local internet radio host Stephen Christopher, and fifteen other really cool volunteers. The project makes good use of multiple web based and social media platforms to help share information about bands, as well as venues and other music related gatherings (like fundraisers for Children’s Cancer Research).

It’s yet another effort to support the local music scene. Honestly, the more sources for start up bands, the better. If only the classical music scene would get this hip. (psst – it’s about to)

48 of 100



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