What I’m watching – May 5

It was a few days and an entire year ago when the rug was pulled from under me. Sadness, anger, self-pity, binge eating, TV binging, resolution, too many episodes of Law & Order SVU, family, therapy, dog walks, friends, reflection, boredom, and then…


Through the process, I’d bounce around these phases, and waste too much time on TV. I was blocking the vampires in my head from taking over progress.

Back then, I was looking forward to being on the other side of… that. Last week during the LU Philharmonic concerts, was the anniversary. I realized I am on the other side.

Not just because I have a new arts admin position with wonderful people. Not just because I’m still engaging with students. Not just because I’m building something in the community with artists I respect. Not just because I’m launching my own project.

Because I’m not binge watching TV anymore.

But I did relax tonight with a movie at home after pizza with the kids and some laundry.

Tragic story. Good acting.

And now I’d like to go to a movie in a theater with my kids. We’ll try to squeeze that into the weekend.

Life is good.

45 of 100


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