What I’m eating – May 4

When something so indescribably frustrating happens, one can’t do much except revert to childhood and find something to bring a little innocence into the day.

I’m really having a hard time accepting the large number of people who are happier that they “won” instead of thinking about 24 million people who could potential lose their health insurance. Do these people know what it means to have to choose between treatment or having a home?

The ACA wasn’t perfect. But the majority of the Republican congress threw out the baby with the bath water. Nobody will win.

Small comfort, it’s Star Wars Day. I made some Yoda Soda to bring back a little joy in the day. Raspberry, orange and lime sherbet in Vernor’s Ginger Ale. Just let the sherbet melt and sit in the soda for a few minutes. It’ll separate on its own.

44 of 100


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