What I’m Creating – May 2

In addition to the daily Irish blessings I post on Facebook, I’ve been making a personal documentary of 2017. I know it sounds huge, but it’s really just one second a day.

I started doing this because one very thoughtful man wanted to share his experience in deciding to make a daily video diary.

In 2011, a TEDtalk by Cesar Kuriyama inspired him to develop an app called “One Second Every Day.” Take a listen to what motivated him to start his journey.

The first time I heard about this app, a friend posted her video at the end of 2016 on Facebook. She told me about the app of the same name, “1 Second Everyday” It’s $4.99, but I’m telling you – totally worth it. All you have to do is remember to record something every day. It even takes still images, and does all the editing. Repeat – it does ALL of the editing.

You might end up playing around with the perfect second of what you’ve recorded for the day, but the developers have already built in a scrubber tool. The biggest challenge for me, after remembering to record something every day, is sometimes choosing what to include.

I got started on January 1st. Here’s my life in 2017 to date.

42 of 100


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