What I’m Thinking – April 24

Writing in the 3rd person is very challenging. After writing so much reflection, turning around the narrative is like brushing teeth with the non-dominant hand; doable, but awkward.

The assignment is to write a listeners guide to the upcoming orchestra concert. Interviews have been recorded, research collected. The muse touches my shoulder in the car. When I get home, I’m distracted by kids, animals, dinner, and the bed.

I want the energy of the person I was at half my age. When I was 26, I had the stamina for full days in the office, plus 4 hours of practice, plus research and studying. My body now demands I slow down. I can no longer thrive on 4 hours sleep.

I will eventually be at peace with that. 

[This is my first post created on the iPad. My packing for reunion just got a lot lighter.]


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