What I’m Creating – April 19

As 2016 was ending, I was thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t want to set myself up for another weight loss failure, or an athletic goal that would be too ambitious to achieve. I liked the idea of doing something creative every day.

It couldn’t be something that I already did like cooking or playing music. It had to be something new. I wanted a moment to reflect daily or muse on an idea. I wanted the thing to be positive, and something I could share. I’m not sure where the idea came, but I’m happy to say that I’ve been mostly consistent.

The daily Irish blessing has been a regular post on my Facebook wall since January 1st. This was the first one:

image from Flickr, labeled for reuse

Irish Blessing for New Year’s Day, 2017

May your head be light
May your bathroom scale be true
May your eyes be too weak
to read the number clear through.

I may have missed a day or two, but tried to make up for that with two or three the next day. Sometimes the blessing is connected to a holiday, local weather, news item, or things my friends post about or their birthday. I’ve even composed one or two on request.

Up to now, they are in a simple rhyme scheme, and start as a prayer to the Lord. I’m happy to say that if a day is about to end and I haven’t yet posted a prayer, I get back out of bed and write one.

It’s satisfying to see that I’ve stuck to something. This blog challenge is part of that same effort. They both feel like progress is happening. Because at least I’m still doing it.

29 of 100


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