What I’m Reading – April 17

Well readers, I finally rode my bike to work. And I didn’t die. It took me a few minutes longer than I anticipated, but now I know exactly when I need to leave the house to make it to work in a predictable arrival time.

I took control of my eating, making sure to mark everything in my food journal (I use Myfitnesspal.com) and not eat candy or desserts. Catching myself about to mindlessly eat a still soft and delicious chocolate chip cookie (the last one in the jar) before the kids came home was a feat of self control. When my son reached for a left over hot crossed bun, I told my daughter to eat the last cookie. No problem.

All three AppleWatch circles closed. And I’m still breathing.

I’m ready to seriously read another book about life style changes for better health. I’m now reading Take It All Off! Keep It All Off!: Women’s Health readers reveal how they lost 20, 50, even 100 pounds – and how you can too. Gosh, that’s a long title.

I’m starting slowly. The goal for this week is a consistency with the following daily changes:
1. Riding my bike to work, walking the dog, and/or doing what I need to do to close the activity circles.
2. Not surpassing my caloric intake, and eating well (healthfully) within that boundary.
3. Don’t eat after 7pm.
When the goal is met, I will reward myself with a hot bath on Sunday night. I might even venture into making my own bath bomb, light a candle, and bring in the bluetooth speakers for tunes.


27 of 100


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