Self Control – April 16

Time in the kitchen was well spent this weekend. Greek food for easter this year was vegetarian, with most of the dishes prepared the day before. Only one dish to make today with minimal oven time.

Weather was very warm today. The idea of the meal was to eat plates of small amounts of food that could be eaten with fingers, if needed. Spanikopita, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, olives, pineapple, mango, strawberries, and baklava. Our guests also brought hummus and mousakka. We also shared our Easter eggs and candy.

The guests were a wonderful family who like to play games. It was the kind of afternoon where you are laughing so hard, you don’t realize how much food you’re eating.

I packed up some of the food and sent it home with them. Yet somehow, the only way I could pack away the rest of the baklava was in my own belly. This is the danger zone.

We watched a movie. Ate through it. The boys left the family room because I found a season of Great British Bake-Off that I haven’t watched yet. I love the challenges on this show. So inspiring. And yet….

I haven’t been able to stop eating.

My daughter and I spent some time walking around a mall yesterday. She’s looking for a dress for her eighth grade farewell formal. I told her I’d really like to lose 50 lbs. Not for the size, but for health. Eating like today won’t do it.

Steve just helped me wrestle the air compressor to inflate the tires on my bike.

I have to want to feel better in the long run more than the instant gratification of food. The self control is knowing the right choice to make in the moment.

Who’s with me?

26 of 100


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