Experiment – April 15

In this “100 posts in 100 days” blogging experiment, I’m pushing myself to add technical challenges in addition to writing challenges. For #25 I’m presenting a video of one of my favorite cooking secrets, de-germing garlic.

I first learned of this technique by watching a YouTuber, “Bitchin’ Kitchen.” Nadia is a pretty interesting character and I loved her show. We tossed the Cooking Channel a few years ago, so I lost touch with her work. But this technique has changed the way I cook with garlic. Unfortunately, her video doesn’t really show you how to do it up close.

There is another video by a “real” chef, Chef Damien. Apparently he’s a real chef because his name has “chef” in it. (lol) The video demonstrates the technique pretty well, but his garlic is so fresh. It doesn’t look like the garlic I buy in the grocery store and keep for a week or two.

That’s why I made my own cooking technique video. It runs under 9 minutes, and I don’t have any music playing. I shot it on my iPhone with a tripod. It was a little challenging wrapping my arms around the tripod to do the technique. It was a little like reaching around a young child to show them how to chop food. One of the legs of the tripod was on the cutting board, so each time I dropped the knife, the video got bumped. Oh well… My knife technique is also informed by years of carving reeds. When you see me using a 7 inch cooking knife, I’m comfortable with my thumbs. Better to use a small paring knife.

I added a little conversation as if you were cooking in the kitchen with me. There are two tools I use in the video. If you’re interested in buying them, the silicone garlic peeler (Williams Sonoma or Bed Bath & Beyond) and the cook’s hand lotion isn’t available anymore. But I found a “Cook’s Handsoap” for $30 (What?!?!?!). Crimeny – just wipe some lemon juice on your hands after you wash them.

25 of 100


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