Steelstacks Comedy – April 13

Dear reader,

If you haven’t experienced any of the improv comedy shows at the Steelstacks, consider putting that experience a little higher on your possibility list.

Image lifted from Facebook post by Dan Maher. People featured in the image were tonight’s performers.

I just saw “The Best of Instagram” show with nine local improv artists. Improvisational comedy has a few structural rules; the most important of listening to what others on the stage are doing and go with it. “Yes, and…..” is what I understand. The players need to build characters off another person, and create a mood or scene with a partner or group of people. It’s not easy. What’s even more challenging, is responding off audience suggestions, or responding to a spontaneous image.

The audiences I see at these shows want the players to succeed. There aren’t hecklers in the crowd. They support them by being part of the process of scene invention. Tonight, I had some pretty loud and hard laughs. It was such a release to go on this creative ride with the players.

With all the anxiety of world politics, or disappointments in people who should know better…. This is such a lovely escape. Way better than drowning my sorrows in binge watching episodes of Law & Order in the dark basement under a blanket eating goldfish crackers.

Next time you might be thinking of something different to do, head over to the Steelstacks comedy website. There just might be the spoonful of laughter to get you through the week.

Thanks to the following improv comics that performed tonight and a very nice host, dressed a lot like the Good Humor Man. Broc Groller, Elizabeth Wiggins, Anthony DeSanctis, Whitney Pirnik, Keith Moser, Kenzie Marsh, Evan Williamson, Cheryl Moritz, Jedidjah Oldenburg, and Ben Youngerman.

Why am I craving ice cream?

23 of 100


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