Fresh Start – Habit Tracking April 12

There’s a good opportunity with my new position to establish good work habit goals from the beginning. I’m pretty aware of the many plates I have filled with interesting things. I’m also an excellent productive procrastinator.

Last week on TedTalk Radio, I heard a lecture on procrastination that seemed to be just for me. After sharing it with my students in the last class, it’s worth sharing here:

There’s a few other things to check out about Tim Urban, if you like this video. His blog is pretty interesting. I also found this editorial on the video – because her reflection also gave me something to think about.

But not to digress from the original thought for today’s post, I want to mark an effort at recognizing that I have am challenging myself to keep the Bel Canto work at work, and all the other things I do out of Bel Canto.

Separate email accounts, separate calendars, separate commuter systems… It’s all in keeping my life in categories to better prioritize how I use my time in all the areas of my life.

I’m still trying to figure out if I need an external system to help me strategies and track my creative projects. The bullet journal idea is still forming; and I’m trying to think about two separate journals to reflect the separation.

I’m hoping that keeping clear boundaries between the two will help me better predict the time needed to accomplish certain goals in the time I actually have for them.

As far as bad work habits go, I did a little searching to see if there are other habits I have yet to recognize in my own behaviors. I came across a few articles, worth at least a quick scroll:
Article 1 – on bad work behaviors.
Article 2 – on bad work behaviors
Article 3 – on bad work behaviors.
There is one item consistent on all three articles, and it’s something I’m REALLY bad at. I have got to stop being late!

Of course I looked up articles on how to stop being late. From why to how, the hard work ahead is more in the “how” I change this habit. I’m going to shoot for consistently being early to appointments. Let’s see what happens in the next two weeks, after daily life settles into the new routine.

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