What I Read Daily – April 5

Email. I get too much. Still trying to get the spammy stuff under control. But there are three subscriptions I anticipate in each morning inside the electronic junk reads. I swipe at my iPad while sipping hot coffee with a splash of whole milk.

The Skimm is a daily newsletter that breaks down national and world news into snarkily written sentences with embedded links to fuller stories by other news sources. It’s a quick read, and the snark isn’t too pompous or tedious. Don’t take the writing style too seriously. And if you think you should know more about an issue, do your own homework.

If you want to sign up for it, here’s a link. I’m not pushing to be an ambassador; but I can admire their audience building strategies.

Seth Godin daily blog post. They’re usually short and chock full of insight. Helps me call out my own BS, and get to the grind because making something is way better than complaining. Each blog post comes to my inbox by 5:30-6am. Subscribe here.

Danielle LaPorte Daily #Truthbomb. Last October, I hired a career coach to help me frame by academic curriculum vitae into a corporate ready resume. During our sessions, we talked about planners and journals to help me think through career options. In the course of researching different strategy tools, I came across Danielle LaPorte. While I decided to go in a different direction for my planning and documentation tools, she has a daily motivational email that offers a nice compliment to Seth Godin. A little punch in the arm not just about business goals, but about self empowerment. If you want to try them out for a while, subscribe here.

Lastly, I used to read them more carefully, but I still scan the Lehigh Daily Announcements. I still think they’re horribly designed. But good to keep in touch with what I can so I can mention things to my students when appropriate to our course work.

So,…? What do you get in your daily inbox?



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