Engaging the Core – April 6

Over the weekend, my husband pulled his back while loading the dishwasher. I know the pain. I’ve pulled my back a few times, too. It’s usually doing something stupid; like lifting a laundry basket without bending the knees.

“Advanced age,” a phrase I’ve come to embrace since becoming a mom in my late 30s. The first time I heard it was at the OB/GYN when I was thirty-six years old. I didn’t feel old then. I was just hitting the stride in my career, balancing an arts administration day job and performing in multiple orchestras on nights and weekends. I could still stay up late, wake up early, and cook up a twelve course dinner when I wanted to.

After the twins were born, I felt it. The first four months were a blur. This was an intense level of tired I never experienced or imagined. I had to let things go in order to find a new balance of motherhood and career. I had to find a new core of my identity. With the support of my husband and great friends, I muddled through some pretty tough moments.

As the kids grew, I had to face different kinds of pain. Job loss, moving to another state and away from dear friends, another job loss… these pains lasted much longer than a back spasm. But instead of Advil and ice packs, my husband, kids, and dear friends (old and new) helped me re-engage with my core. I’m centered again.

I now understand another level of the phrase, “Surround yourself with good people.” These people, are your core. Engage them BEFORE you pull something. You’ll find the parallel benefits are to your heart and your soul.

Now… about that belly fat.

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