When I have a big decision to make, I typically find myself in the kitchen, working things out with my hands. (#KitchenTherapy) This post is about what I made on Sunday, and why I chose these recipes.


Starting from the lower left corner and working clockwise: Chocolate Hazelnut biscotti, Cinnamon Bread (3 small loaves), Blue ribbon white bread (2 loaves), veggie egg cups (12).

Everything was made with on-hand ingredients.

Chocolate hazelnut biscotti was adapted from this Allrecipes idea. I didn’t have semi-sweet or white chocolate chips. (Bless me, Father for I have sinned by not putting them on last week’s grocery list). I did have plenty of hazelnuts, and left over chocolate melting wafers. They turned out ok. Next time, I’ll roast the hazelnuts before adding them to the batter.

I made these because I was trying to impress a video production crew.

Cinnamon bread following this recipe as written. Next time I’ll not swirl in the cinnamon sugar topping. It sank too far down during the baking.

I have small loaf pans I prefer making “cake” breads. IMO, it’s not bread if there is no yeast. Therefore, these are cakes in loaf form. I make them small in an attempt to pace the consumption. Sometimes this works. Unless there’s a 14 year old boy that claims an entire loaf while drawing.

I made these loaves because I always bake for guests who come to my class. This week is “shark week.” I’ve invited folks from the community to offer objective feedback to student pitches.

Blue ribbon white breadrecipe. Did I mention I have a decision to make? I needed to knead.

This bread will make some killer French toast.

Vegetable egg cups. I made this recipe up from the vegetables in the fridge (mushrooms, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, tomatillo, onion, garlic) and some left over frozen crinkle cut french fries.

I know it sounds like a ton of vegetables. Each was sautéd separately, then mixed in a bowl. I warmed up the frozen French fries in the baking sheet on which I baked the brunch bacon. Bacon grease adds that little sumpin’-sumpin’, ya know? The warmed French fries were fitted into the bottoms of a 12 count muffin pan. Spoonfuls of the vegetable mixture were placed on top of the French fries pieces. I had plenty of left over vegetables for the brunch skillet.

I beat five eggs with a splash of water. The beaten eggs were poured onto each cup until almost to the top. Each got a generous pinch of shredded cheddar cheese. I baked them at 350° until they looked done.

I made these for quick protein breakfasts for the kids who have PSSA testing this week. I know they wanted pop-tarts. Too bad I’m a mom who believes that healthy food is better for stress than sugar. Sugar is for guests, friends, and late night blogging. Honestly, I eat like crap when I’m stressed. Having these on hand for the morning are good for me, too.





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