What I’m Listening To This Week – April 1

Inspirations to revisit the vinyl collection come from anywhere. This week, a Facebook friend posted a video of David Crosby and Graham Nash singing Stephen Still’s song “Find The Cost Of Freedom ” with David Gilmour.

Powerful stuff, especially given the lyrics relevance today. Of course this became the ear worm for the morning shower, and coffee, and lingered through morning writing sessions. It was the devil that needed to be heard.

Crosby Stills Nash Young – So Far (1974)
I was nine years old when the album was released. I remember hearing it a few years later when my sister would play it on her side of the room to help her fall asleep. I can’t help but sing along to all of these songs. I try my hand at the harmonies, grateful that the only souls can hear me try to sing them are the beasts in the house.

Side One
Déjà Vu
Helplessly Hoping
Wooden Ships
Teach Your Children
Find the Cost of Freedom

Side Two
Our House
Suite Judy Blue Eyes

The Pretenders – Learning to Crawl (1984)
Do the math; you’ll find me old enough to be in college when this album was released. I’ve got a reunion coming up this summer. Our Facebook group has been pretty actively sharing memories and photos. There’s one thread of songs we’d want to hear at the event. There’s too much music from these times in our lives to squeeze into a few parties. And if you have the entire album, connecting the songs as they were intended to be heard by the artists and the producers is what makes an album a much deeper listening experience than singles on the (hate to say it, but it’s the truth…) oldies stations.

Speaking of oldies, I’ve given you links to videos for some songs of the album. If you wasted lots of time watching late night MTV music videos, here’s another way to skip along memory lane. If I couldn’t find an original video, I found concert footage of the album tour. If I couldn’t find that, I didn’t link to a video. I’ll say that looking up videos of my youth is a rabbit hole with many turns. It’s perfect activity for insomnia. You’re welcome.

Side 1
Middle of the Road
Back on the Chain Gang
Time the Avenger
Watching the Clothes
Show Me

Side 2
My City Was Gone (note: not happy that a certain radio talk show host took this as his theme song; but she got the last punch in-1)
Thin Line Between Love and Hate
I Hurt You
2000 Miles

Final thought – if any reader can tell me the geographical connection between these two albums, you’ll win the fur-lined teacup. Go ahead, do a little research. Wikipedia is a totally acceptable starting point in my classroom.

1- “Really Randoms: Chrissie Hynde, Ricky Martin, Jimmy Page”. Rolling Stone. February 17, 2009.



2 thoughts on “What I’m Listening To This Week – April 1

  1. I found a pod cast called With Friends Like These – basically how to talk politics with people who think differently from you. Yes, it’s a liberal learning to talk and listen to conservatives.

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