Springtime and Sinus

Dear Readers,

Have you been experiencing an increase in colds, flu or stomach issues this winter? I going on a record year for feeling generally icky. Every time I get over something and start getting back to normal, someone in the family brings home something and it lands on me.

I’ve been wiping down bannisters and door knobs, countertops, and switching out hand towels daily. My treatment is hot tea, steam, and vapor rub in lieu of OTC antihistamines that over dry the area at the soft palette. Don’t even suggest a netti pot. That hurts like the dickens.

Where? Swallow for me. Feel that place at the back of your mouth, just before  the back of your tongue push food or water down your through. Or say the word, “Humid.” Linger a little on the beginning of the word. You air is hitting the spot where bassoonists direct their air for a nice round tone.

When my sinuses are acting up – playing is really painful. But Holst, Lutoslawski and Mozart will not wait for me. The concert is in three weeks. There’s not time for sinus issues now.

Maybe the weather fluctuations are causing extreme barometric pressure changes. Maybe now that the final snow has melted, the airborne allergens are starting to bud. Whatever the cause, I’ve got to figure out how to drain, and play through it without blowing the stuff into my hears. Delightful, I know.

Maybe massage…? Ah the privilege of playing bassoon.


8 of 100



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