Some Food Reflections – March 26

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As I continue the blogging challenge, I’m going to try to limit food posts to once a week. We all eat more than three times a day; much of that regular menu items. But where there is a meal worth noting, I’ll reflect on it.

This week included a major celebration, an “a-ha” moment in baking, a nice fundraiser with a local small business, and a fond memory.

This was the birthday trio dinner, celebrated on Sunday, March 19th. We wanted to try a new place, so we ventured all the way to Easton. Sogo is an Asian Fusion restaurant. Our family loves sushi and sashimi. What you see in this picture is a regular menu item called the “Sushi Boat.” We added a few more rolls to this dinner. Do you see how much taller and older the kids are? That’s because they keep eating! There were two other families in the restaurant celebrating twins’ birthdays. One set of twins were 2 years old, the other 15. Just as we were leaving, a friend of mine came in with his girlfriend. I warned him about what they ordered. (lol.)

Banana Nut muffin. I took the recipe from my primary “go-to” site, Reading the reviews is always recommended before you dig into any recipe on this site. One of the tools I like is the ability to adjust the recipe for amount of ingredients you have on hand. I had two ripe bananas instead of the stated 3, so I adjusted the number of servings from 10 to 7. Muffins don’t need exact incredgient measurements; especially since banana size and ripeness means flour adjustment is probably necessary. I also love a crumb topping. That makes an afternoon treat feel less like second breakfast from the Shire.

Instead of the regular chocolate chips (none on hand), I added walnuts. (Thus, the “a-ha” moment). If I want to eat the muffins before the kids inhale them, put nuts in them. Steve and I enjoyed them for the entire week.

Thursday night’s dinner was a fundraiser for the kids’ middle school. A neighborhood restaurant, Martelucci’s Pizzaria offered 15% of the day’s total profits to Northeast Middle School. Stuffed manicotti with meatballs and garlic bread. Great service. And nice to see some many families from the school. Made me a little homesick.

Day-old Italian bread spread with butter, provolone cheese and hard salami plus hot coffee for breakfast.

This was the breakfast the orchestra was served for six weeks in Heidelberg, Germany. The schlossfestpiel was an incredible experience. It was my first deep cultural exchange, as well as long-term serious gig. I was barely married two years that summer. Too many experiences without my best friend with me. But he was having fun that summer, too. We have some great stories of our salad years.


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