Godfrey Daniels Volunteer Experience

gd-email-header2I’d been wanting to do this for a while now. I finally got to volunteer for a show at the Godfrey Daniels listening room yesterday. The team was short on hands, so I had to wait for Dave Fry to focus on the bands’ needs before he had a chance to instruct me.

The band was from DC; Chaise Lounge. Upright bass, drum kit, keyboard, trombone, saxophone/clarinet and a singer = stage extensions on both sides needed. Hearing their sound check told me I was in for a musical treat. But here’s the real thing. When you witness a sound check, you can learn about the personalities of the group. Sometimes, you hear things… These folks were genuinely sweet and excited to play for an enthusiastic crowd.

Godfrey’s artists are usually like these folks. They are good people dedicated to making great music. The regular audience is the same; good people who support musicians by braving cold temperatures to hear live music in an intimate setting.

How great is this audience? Folks found their way with able assistance from the other volunteer there, Michael Duck. Between Mike, Dave and me, we were able to manage the crowd pretty well until the concessions needed some more help. Two folks who came to the show and are also volunteers stepped up to manage it. Rick Weaver and Marcie Lightwood – more good people in our musical community.

The audience was so patient with me. I was so grateful that I asked Michael to thank them for me before he introduced the band.

Knowing nothing about the band, I had a chance to sneak some research after the show started and I stayed in the lobby to welcome late comers or do any other task needed during the show. Another fun fact about the band, the keyboardist is Easton, PA native Charlie Barnett. Charlie’s mom was in the audience and she brought a few friends with her. I know what a kick it is to have your mom hear you perform – warms the heart to see a noble lady glowing with parental pride.

Enough about me – this band is awesome! What a great sound and so stylish. And funny. I found this video of one of Charlie’s original tunes, “Tick Tock.” Marilyn’s intro is a great sample of how these musicians get along.

After the show, a few folks lingered to chat with Charlie while the rest of the band packed up and the volunteers cleared chairs and cleaned up. Lots of smiles. Lots of love.

I hope to be able to volunteer again soon. Golly, I like living in Bethlehem.


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