Making Art Heals (2/3)

After a week of sadness, I had to be functional again. My family and friends needed me. I needed to get back to art.

After a hospital visit with my dear friend, I caught some necessary perspective. I wasn’t given a fatal diagnosis. Just a set back in how I thought I was going to contribute my talents and passion to the arts and community advocacy. My friend reminded me that there is no such thing as job security. But there is a feeling of security in relationships; people who think kindly of you and share their concern for your well being.

I also promised to finish some projects. People were counting on me.

I headed to Zoellner, took a deep breath, and asked my production colleagues for space in which to finish the projects for Touchstone Theatre’s Young Playwrights Festival. With ear buds firmly in place, I was hoping to keep to myself. When the scene shop started to get crowded, I needed to take the ear buds out for safety. And I needed to face my friends who wanted to tell me how sorry they were to see me go.

There is comfort in making. Even silly project that will only have a temporary use. I made these two projects for one of the plays.

We went out for dinner after B’s ballet class. I posted on social media. I stayed away from the evil box of sloth. It was a good day.


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