Poker Face

I know when I need to dig deep down into my personal energy reserves and find my happy switch. But there are times when it’s still not enough.

VKITH73RWhen your boss sits down and asks you if you’re ok… you have to work a little harder at your Poker face. In short, I do not have one.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

It’s great that my boss is concerned. It’s great that I have an authentic facial expression. But tomorrow night, when I’m enjoying a cocktail with my husband before seeing a great play at Touchstone Theatre, I want my authentic face to be relaxed – because I know that’s what I’ll be feeling. Why? the panel discussion is over. I submitted the grant proposal. the course is relatively caught up, and all I have to do on Saturday is moderate a conversation between an artist/faculty and a group of local school administrators and support the Gala at Zoellner.

Sunday – I sleep in a little.


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