Time is Value

time-twistThere is only 24 hours in a day.
8 should be for sleeping.
3 should be for meals and personal care.
1 should be for exercise.
That’s 12 hours already taken.

If I regularly work 10 hours a day, that means 2 hours left for my family and friends.

If work spills over to the weekends, that’s even more time away from family.

Time is finite. I can’t bank it for later. It just keeps fleeting away.

My time is the most valuable thing I have.

This article mentions the killer statement, “How you spend your time says a lot about what you value most.”

Life is full of choices. I’m trying to figure out how to meet my personal goals without sacrificing the time my kids need with tme right now. Dad got them from lessons and made dinner so I could stay late for a meeting. I got home at 7, just as they finished eating.

As I write this blog post, one is practicing, the other is relaxing with a TV show. After this, I’ll head back to reading a book chapter to prepare for a panel discussion I’m moderating on Thursday.

I keep a daily log of what I do. Perhaps it’s time to schedule more of that ahead of time and keep to that without allowing distractions or interruptions. Maybe I’ll give that a shot this week. Maybe.


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