Now what?? or better, WHEN??

It’s been one week since the big block pARTy and all of the chaos and joy it brought. In that one week, I’ve been digging out of the administrative build up, re-adjusting my entrepreneurship course (again), and getting ready for next events. I’m still not really caught up. Through all of this, the hamster wheel of administrative work keeps spinning. Barely any time to layer on the work that is important to me: advancing arts integration in higher ed.

Everything I do connects to arts integration in higher ed. It’s the research and the grants to support that effort that keeps getting pushed to the side. And the M. Ed. (educational leadership) material that gave me a peek into possible publishing with lists of article topics waiting to be developed. And the local history story I’ve been dabbling on since 2010 – there’s another project I want to finish (and another blog post, if I can remember I want to write about that too, some day)

Oh, and family. My kids are now 12. This precious time with them is fleeting. I try to do as much of my “extra*” work when they are engaged in school or in their own activities. In the best of all possible worlds, I schedule meetings when they have after school activities. Or that’s when I’ll chase down an errand.

I keep my daily blogging to the evening hours after they go to sleep. Or early mornings before their preteen growth spurts have pulled them out of bed. Last night, I was just. plain. tired.

After my daughter’s ballet class, I took them both to the closing night of the Dept of Theatre play after a couple of burgers at Molly’s. We enjoyed it – and the language wasn’t anything they haven’t heard me wail when I’m in the midst of heavy traffic on Route 22. It was an early night home, but I was beat. Why? It’s not like I was pulling extra heavy hours – just the normal 7:15am – 4pm (or later) plus evening meetings or trips back to campus for lectures or rehearsal. It’s rare that I have a night off. When I do, I feel like I’m missing something.

You know what? I AM missing something! Since the semester started – check that, since I came back from the August vacation, I have only been to the gym once. ONCE! I haven’t given my dog a proper walk. I haven’t raised my heart rate on purpose. I haven’t broken a sweat and no, hot flashes don’t count. I’ve also fallen into old habits.

four-elementsThis is not confession time. This is time to forgive myself for getting sucked back into busyness. I’ll need to visit the earthly elements again to help realign my soul:

Air: Today I will run the children’s area at Bethlehem’s Harvestfest with my Girl Scouts. Then I’ll run more errands and make a nice dinner before bringing my kids to hear an incredible singer at Zoellner, Lisa Fischer. I will celebrate the brisk fall air when I’m painting pumpkins. I’ll inhale the smell of sautéed onions and garlic with the eggplant parmesan dinner. I’ll get lost in the beautiful sounds of Lisa Fischer’s voice as it travels through the air waves to my ears.

Earth: Tomorrow morning, I’ll bring my kids (if they’re awake) to the Sculpture Garden work party.

Fire: Then I’ll pack up the camping gear and head to an overnight camp out with my girl scouts. I’m sure to be staring at the fire while the girls roast their marshmallows.

Water: after 24 hours with girls scout camping, I’ll need a bath. Extra bubbles on this one.

I am blessed with opportunity. Now if only to recover a tiny bit of ambition.


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