Tribute to Alisa B

Alisa BI met her through a friend of a friend. I heard her sing. I was BLOWN AWAY. Such power in those pipes, such generosity with the musicians on stage with her.

She sang last year before the Darlene Love show. It was right at the time she was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer. That was barely a year ago. So unfair. So wrong.

She is in hospice care now. I hope her pain is being well managed.

On Wednesdays I scan social media platforms for art events happening on campus or in South Bethlehem for the Arts@Lehigh newsletter. Every time I visited Facebook there was another tribute to Alisa; a picture, an archive video, a prayer.

If there is ever a time to rethink how we spend our time, it’s moment like this. This is a reminder that a full life is spent doing what you love with people you love for as long as you can do it.

God speed Alisa. There’s a new stage waiting for you to take center spotlight.

To all of her friends and family, I pray you find comfort in sharing warm memories of a beautiful soul.

For readers who do not know Alisa’s gift:


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