Pardon his French – true story

We ended the four-day block pARTy celebration of Lehigh’s sesquicentennial with a spectacular performance by 2-man cirque group, Magmanus. As part of a new programming relationship with a community partner, we organized a special event for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania. The girls were to experience a workshop with circus artists after they saw the performance.

After a generous 75 minutes of thrill and wonder in the show, the girls stayed after to learn some partnered balancing tricks from the Muhlenberg (student) Circus Group.

GS Magma 2

The girls also got to try a few tumbles, attempted juggling, swing on a lyra (that’s a single free-swinging hoop), and spin on silks. They learned new vocabulary and got a physical sense for the mastery of the artists they saw on the stage.

imgres-1Then the girls were in for a real treat. The Magmanus artists (Manu and Magnus) were able to greet them at the end of their workshop. Even though the artists had to re-set the stage for the matinée school show tomorrow (for 1,000+ school children), they needed time to shower.

The girls were delighted to meet them and to ask them a few questions. One girl asked them what they were thinking when they are making difficult tricks. Manu (the shorter one) was the first to answer. He said something about making sure he was in line with the plank. Then he said,

“When I realized I was coming down off-line I thought, ‘Oh F**K.'”

It only took a second to understand the horror of such a word in front of 22 impressionable and surely-never-heard-the-word-in-school girl scouts. I jumped right in with,

“He’s French! Pardon his French!!!”

You only needed to see the look on his face when he realized his mistake. He was truly embarrassed. I give the guy a free pass. He had a tough load-in/ set-up yesterday, a grueling performance, and he was probably staving.

The girls recovered. I’m not so sure about the moms. I’ll wait to see what drops in my inbox tomorrow. Until then, I’m looking forward to seeing the artists perform for the school show tomorrow.


GS Magma

The audience today was very appreciative of their show. I have a feeling tomorrow’s audience will bring in crazy energy.

Why? These artists are unbelievably awesome. And after four days of cold and rainy weather, the sun came out.


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