My community

This morning, I saw so many people from the Bethlehem community come together to celebrate multiple organizations’ significant anniversaries. It’s not just Lehigh’s 150th. It’s the ALL of these organizations:

Northampton Community College, South Side Campus – 10 Years
WDIY – 20 Years
South Bethlehem Historical Society – 30 Years
Victory House – 30 Years
New Bethany Ministries – 30 Years
Touchstone Theatre – 40 Years
CACLV – 50 Years
Bethlehem NAACP- 70 Years
Boys & Girls Club of Bethlehem – 85 Years
Bethlehem Area Public Library, South Side Branch – 85 Years
Broughal Middle School – 100 Years

South Bethlehem is also celebrating 150 years. There are so many good people in this community. It was great they all came party in the cold weather. I tried to talk to as many people as I’ve worked with throughout my 10 years at Lehigh. I’ve gotten to know lots of good souls. We’ve worked festivals together, we’ve done community projects together, we’ve had great conversations. Many of them I consider friends.

breakfastThis is the only selfie I took this morning: The principal of Broughal Middle School (Dr. Detrick McGriff in the back), the principal of Donegan Elementary (Ms. Sonia Vazquez, next to me) and Mrs. Beverly Bradley, president of the Cops & Kids Lehigh Valley – a woman who has been a fabulous mentor to many who are called to service.

So many leaders and champions of our community. I’m humbled to be able to work along side them.



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