Why I blog


  1. To advance the principals that sustain this work.
  2. To establish a record of thoughts and reflections.
  3. To process things or ideas.
  4. No one can speak better about my work, my thoughts about my work, and the values behind it better than me.
  5. Waiting for someone to notice my work and understand its meaning isn’t sensible. This gives others a boost to access it.
  6. Because I will have more ideas than I will ever have time in my life to deliver on all of them.

Today as I was struggling through newsletter technical issues, I started to think through all of the things I would rather have been doing:

  1. Writing a narrative for a research grant proposal (or three)
  2. Formulating a Core Competency grant idea
  3. Updating my summer Mountaintop research project for Phase 2
  4. Cripes, just finish the documentation for the Phase 1 would be nice.
  5. Finish my last M.Ed. course – because I’ve been carrying my notebook back and forth to campus with me every day since May…
  6. Develop vision for more support of arts integration in higher ed and community engagement.
  7. Here is another person’s take: “30 Reasons Why I Write.” I’ve highlighted my favorites. What would be yours?

When’s that Saturday Sabbatical again?

To inspire the creative person in me, and to push the negative thoughts away, I must add a song from a musical I heard a few years back: [title of show]


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