Self Care Awareness PSA

We are about to have 5 full days of high profile programming on campus. Sesquicentennials come only once, so this institution is going to celebrate no matter what Joaquin brings.

The production crew has been working relentlessly on logistics. As in all big events, communications takes up lots of time as well. Between agreeing on plans, chasing down information, aligning all the players – it’s a ton of work packed into very full days. I still have to carefully comb through the schedule to make sure I’m where I need to be instead of floating through and hoping I’m in the right place. But for tonight, I just had to leave it all at the office.

Everyone on this team is working very full days. We are excited to see this week through to success. It’s going to be a great time for all students, faculty, staff, administrators, trustees, alumni, artists and community members that come together to share the creative moments that celebrate the arts on our campus. Coincidentally, all this art is kicking off National Arts & Humanities Month. Dang, we got it going ON!

12039199_10153865754899341_2106076682306114912_nSeparately from all the hoopla, we’ve been taking self care seriously. Our boss has been constantly reminding us to pace ourselves and to keep our heads. We are eating healthy snacks in the office, taking 5 minute meditation breathers, and resting away from campus when we can, and also keeping our sense of humor.

I chose to stay home tonight instead of attend two events in the community. I made a fun dinner for my family, washed dishes, and stayed in my sweat pants. I’m taking time tonight to get caught up on other stuff. Maybe I’ll get to bed early. I am actually taking care of myself tonight – and it feels a little wrong. Because I almost always chose work related events over taking care of myself.

Self care is a habit – and it’s something that I have to consciously decide to do. It’s not natural to me. It just’s just going to take some practice.



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