Block pARTy – it’s coming…

BLOCKPARTY_WEBBANNERLast week, saying aloud, “The block party is coming….” was like a common phrase from Game of Thrones. (… for the night is long and full of terror.) This week, we are pumped!

Zoellner’s team has been working on this project pretty hard since June. The team has been sustaining 4th gear of production energy since the beginning of the semester. This week, we crank our work up to fifth gear and grind it out until Monday, October 5th – when we say good-bye to the school kids coming to the matinée show of Magmanus.

The saddle span text arrived a day early and went up in the quiet Sunday while folks were either at the Celtic Classic, the Pope’s viewing party at Steelstacks, or hanging out on campus recovering from a weekend of play after a rough week of 4 o’clocks.

Wait a second! The front of the tent kind of looks like the pope’s hat.

We’ve got three more days of prep and communications. I’m so impressed with my colleagues. We are holding each other up, making sure we are taking care of ourselves. There’s trust, support and good humor. It’s a great team, and I’m privileged to be a part of it.

Come Thursday, it’s all about enjoying the ride because there will be no stopping it. SesQUEEEEEEEEEE-centennial.


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