Evolution on the Move

Tonight was the second group meeting with the first year students in the Evolution Program. Instead of sitting in a meeting space, we took a walk over the Fahy bridge to the Charles Brown Ice House. Met local artist, Doug Roysdon and chatted there a bit. On our way back, we walked through the place where the Highland Games will be playing during the Celtic Classic festival this weekend. We took the Hill to Hill bridge back to South Bethlehem.

We did this all in the one hour allotted for our Evolution meeting time. The students felt this adventure was preferable to sitting and talking. Our group selected the “Explore South Bethlehem / Arts” theme. So far, I think this is working pretty well.

For the few students who missed the Ropes course, I told them their make up (should they choose to accept it) was to make their way back to the north side to attend some part of the Celtic Classic. Since the Ropes course is about team building and problem solving, I encouraged them to work together to figure out when to go and share a plan. They only need to bring back a token of their experience. Pictures would work as well.

Evolution is about experiencing, reaching and finding out new things. The most they actually DO what I’m asking them to try, the more likely they will feel a sense of ownership in their own discovery.

I wonder what the other Evolution groups are doing.???

Pictures, or it didn’t really happen.

Meeting Doug Roysdon
Meeting Doug Roysdon
Group in front of the Ice House.
Walking back over the Hill to Hill
A map of our walk with RunKeeper App. 13 mintues to get to the Ice House from Campus Square. On the way back, we frequently stopped so I could point out a few views from across the Lehigh River.

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