Left the office today with a head full of worry and a list of things to do longer than time to do it. As soon as I picked up my kids from school, and played with the kittens and dog, I knew it was time to let it go for now and just enjoy the rest of the night.

So I did.

Paul Pierpoint, Dean of the NCC Fowler Family Center
Paul Pierpoint, Dean of the NCC Fowler Family Center

Dropped B off at ballet, and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Fowler Family Center of the Northampton Community College’s south Bethlehem campus. Great speech by Paul Pierpoint. I’m glad I know this man; very down to earth and a wonderful role model for just getting things done.

The building has come such a long way in ten years. I was happy to say I remember the installation art exhibits that happened there before the renovation. Paul said, “Why not have some fun with it before we tear down the interior?” In tonight’s speech, he admitted to breaking a few code violations. It wouldn’t have been a legendary event without a few broken rules.

After that event, I collected B, made dinner (left over smorgasbord), and shared some of my precious last pieces of Tallarico’s chocolate with the kids. They had a chance to tell me more about their day and to make plans for the night without supervision. Animals fed, laundry running – it was time for me to head back to work for the later show of the guest artist.

Holy Moses- such a spectacular a voice in Morgan James! I was so happy to have witnessed this lovely sound. What a gracious lady, too. After two performances she still made the time to sign everyone’s merchandise and pose for pictures.

Best part of the night was seeing one of my students attend the concert and he brought two friends. Warms my heart that students will take chances on art. Now I’ll just have to get the Tom Tom club out of my head. I know – I’ll cue up my newly purchased and autgraphed CD. You know, music always sounds better when you get it signed by the artist.

Tomorrow is a long day with a very tight schedule of events to attend. I am grateful for every joyful moment. The house is a mess, and the grass needs cutting. These moments only happen once. I made the right choice to witness them.


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