My creative output today

I often tell my students (and my own children) to give things a try, even if they don’t think they can do it well. My teaching philosophy includes doing the same thing. I took a creative risk.

I’ve dabbled in video for a while; all self-taught. Some day I’d like to be fluent in Final Cut. Since I’m scrappy and need to get things done faster than the time required to learn the software, I fumble along with iMovie. I’m still struggling with sound balance. Haven’t quite figured out how to open up the sound editing bigger than the 3 millimeters on the screen. I’ll keep poking around – or maybe someone will take pity on my soul and show me. Or maybe I’ll find the time to ask for help.

I still got help. Last night, Phil Ingle saved it by fixing the balance through the Zoellner sound system. I also had some file sharing issues with the system crashing a couple of time (uh-oh.) Normally, all my video goes straight to the internet. This one needed to be burned to a disc. Thanks to Steve Lichak at Lehigh’s Digital Media Studios for the emergency back up. Knowing you need help is one thing. Knowing who to ask is another.

Last night, Zoellner had a double screening of the 2012 Academy Award winning documentary film, 20 Feet from Stardom. It was also listed as a 5×10 program (part of First Year Orientation) which required an interactive component to the event. Since the film maker wasn’t present for a post screening Q&A, I made a 7 minutes “Interactive Listening” video that recapped a few of the music industry people mentioned in the film, and highlighted two of the featured singers that will be appearing live at Zoellner later this semester.

I had a lot of fun finding ideas for the piece. I love lisa_fischer_artist_page_facebookLisa Fischer and can listen to her for days.

Darlene Love just came out with a new album with a cheeky video full of cameo friends. I clipped a few videos together and layered titles for students to shout out answers while they listened to the music. If they were paying attention to the film, the answers were easy.

Even if you didn’t see the documentary film (which is streaming on Netflix), see if you can answer to prompts.

[first 7 minute video link removed by Youtube]

Here’s what happens when the copyright over Lords of YouTube shut down your educational material. You spend more time in between meetings to cut the video much shorter. Don’t mind the thumbnail – it plays (I think….)

I wouldn’t be a good academic / audience builder if I didn’t link to Darlene Love’s new video directly.

She just released a new album (it actually comes out Sept 18), so her concert in November will hopefully include the new songs as well as her perennial favorites.



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